Club Penguin Tips, Secrets, Cheats

Here is are growing list of special tips for Club Penguin - an online game we like to play. Beginners: explore the game, you can figure out a lot of things all by yourself. See if you can find more secrets on Club Penguin... there are tons!

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Club Penguin Games

Play games to earn coins. Here our some of our favorite games, where to find them in CP along with our tips and secrets:

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

Sled Racing

Located at the Mountain. This is a multi-player racing game.

Sled Racing Tips:

* Ice patches give you a turbo boost.

* Jumps make you slower.

Ice Fishing

The Ice Fishing game played at the Ski Lodge by clicking on the door that says "Go Fishing".

Ice Fishing Tips:

* Members can upgrade their fishing rod to catch grey fish, which are worth more points.

* Catch a big red fish (mullet) at the end of the game by using a small fish to lure him.

* The mullet is worth 100 coins!

Astro Barrier

You can play Astro Barrier in the Dance Lounge.

Astro Barrier Tips, Secrets & Cheats:

* Skip Levels - After clicking start, on your keyboard press 1 to go to level 10, 2 to go to 20, or 3 to go to 30.

* Secret Levels - On level 11, wait for about 25 seconds for a blue ship to appear. Shoot it and the secret levels will be available.

PizzaTron 3000 Dessert Mode!

You can change the CP pizza tron 3000 to a dessert making machine by simply clicking the giant red lever on the pizza machine until it turns to Dessert mode.

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Help

  1. First item - Ski Lodge. Click on fireplace.
  2. Second item is in the Book Room. Click on candle.
  3. The third item is in the Pet Shop. Click the black Puffle in the cage to make him turn red and catch fire. Click again to get a single burning hair from him.
  4. The fourth item is inside the Mine. Click lamp near the cave entrance.
  5. The fifth item is at the Pizza Shop. Click on the bottle of hot sauce on top of the brick pizza oven.
  6. The sixth item is at the Cove. Click the stick in the campfire.
  7. Seventh item is at the beacon on top of the lighthouse. Click the jetpack near where you play Jet Pack Adventure.
  8. Eighth item is at the Dojo, outside in the courtyard. Click the lamp at the left of the main entrance.
You will be rewarded with the Fire Pin.

Club Penguin FAQs - Questions & Answers

Q. How to get club penguin coins fast?

A. Play games. The games that give the most coins are:
Cart Surfer, PizzaTron 2000, and Ice Fishing


Q. How do I get the Silver Surf Board?

A. At the cove click on the surf board catalog. Click on the word "Waves". A silver surf board should will now be availble to purchase for 800 coins.


Q. What does CP stand for?

A. CP means: Club Penguin


Q. How do I get the fire pin?

A. Complete Sensei's Scavenger Hunt


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